Study: Teen Marijuana Use Is Not Linked To Health Problems Later

MarijuanaIn a study published on 4th August 2015 in the journal Psychology of Addictive Behaviors, conducted by University of Pittsburgh Medical Center and Rutgers University researchers; found chronic marijuana used by young teenagers are not linked to any mental disorder, physical disorder or lung cancer like disease later in his life from more than two decades.

Health records of 408 boys from Pittsburgh Youth Study looked by researchers, who has followed from their seventh standard to the age of 36. In this study they include both African-Americans and whites; and make four groups according their marijuana use i.e., group one: little or no use teenagers; group two: early chronic users; group three: those who only smoked marijuana during his teenage and group four: those who started using marijuana in their teens and continued into their 20s.

Jordan Bechtold, a psychology research fellow at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center said that “What we found was a little surprising, there were no differences in any of the mental or physical health consequences that we measured regardless of the amount or frequency of marijuana used during teenage.”

Pittsburgh Youth Study start tracking a group of 14-year-old public-school male children in the Pennsylvania city, in the late 1980s and they study the same teenage on every 6 or 12 months, for 12 years, in order to track their marijuana use and health issues. Later in 2009-2010, 408 people out of this teenage group, while they are in there 36 they give follow-up survey to Pittsburgh Youth Study.

In this research paper written that there is no link between teenage marijuana use by male to any health issue like lung cancer, asthma, depression, anxiety, allergies, headaches, high blood pressure or respiratory problems.

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