Spreading Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung Cancer SymptomsWhen lung cancer begins to spread to other parts of the body, this implies that the disease is in a very critical stage, at this stage the tumor in the lung spread to every part around the lungs and proceed to other part of the body. Lung cancer spreading to other parts of the body makes treatment complicated. Symptoms showing at different parts of the body indicate the presence of cancer in that body part. Symptoms including weakness or numbness of the arm or leg, dizziness, balance problem and seizure indicate that the cancer has spread to the brain or spinal cord. Yellowing of the skin with yellow colored eyes shows that cancer has spread to the liver. Also, when you discover some small growths on your skin like lump,s it signifies the presence of cancer in the skin.

Cancer that spreads from one part of the body to other body parts is termed “metastatic,” for instance breast cancer that spreads is known as metastatic breast cancer. Other common places lung cancer can spread to include the bones, liver, kidney, and so on. Once the cancer cells spreads to the bone, they begin to form new metastatic tumors; the symptoms to take note of when cancer spreads to the bone include pains in the bone joints, bone cracking noise, weak feelings in the bones and so on.

Whichever part of the body cancer spread to, the symptoms will enable you or your doctor to know diagnose the presence of cancer in that body part. The spread of cancer to other parts of the body is very fatal because the victim requires treatment on every affected area to be totally eradicated from the body. If each of the affected parts is not treated, the cancer will keep spreading until it kills the victim. Treating some affected parts and leaving some is as dangerous as not treating any part.

However, if you feel any strange symptoms in any part of your body, what should come to your mind first should be visiting your doctor so as to carry out the necessary tests in order to know what the precise cause of the symptoms. Most times, these symptoms might be caused by other ailments, if such is the case, then it is something that can easily be handled, but if it is actually a spreading cancer, then a tragedy is imminent if immediate necessary actions are not taken.

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