Safe Stages of Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer StagesLiterally, none of the stage of lung cancer is safe; every of the stages are dangerous, but the danger in each stages varies as the cancer advances. Stage zero of non-small cell lung cancer is when the cancer has just began and it can be easily treated if detected early. Stage zero lung cancer can be described as the safest of all the other stages because at this stage the cancer tumor is not yet visible and there is nothing like cancer spreading. At this stage where the cancer has not yet spread to other body parts, it can be easily targeted and get rid of before it advances to the next stage. Patient whose cancer has been detected at stage one are fortunate because, it is not always the case for lung cancer to be detected at such an early stage. Perhaps the reason why some patient are fortunate enough to detect the presence of cancer in their body is because they were able to notice the early symptoms that showed up and they refuse to ignore any symptoms.

However, stage one non-small cell cancer can also be considered to be treated safely. Because at this stage, the cancer is at the origin of growth. For the patient to have a chance of surviving it, immediate treatment must be carried out, and not just any treatment, the right treatment must be done to effectively remove the cancer. Stage zero and stage one of non-small cell lung cancer and the limited stage of small cell lung cancer can be regarded as a high surviving stage for patients. Stage two and three of non-small cell lung cancers are disastrous, as at this stage the cancer has affected the whole lung and the lymph nodes. In this situation, the treatment involves removal of the affected part of the lungs or possibly the entire lungs are being removed.

Moreover, other stages of lung cancer include stage four of non-small cell lung cancer and the extensive stage of small cell lung cancer; these stages are the most advanced stages of lung cancer in which the cancer has spread beyond the lungs to other parts of the body.

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