Role of Mental Health for Fighting Against Lung Cancer

Lung CancerLung cancer is a major health concern in the world and many people are getting trapped in the vicious circle of this deadly disease. An early detection and advancements in cancer treatments allow for an increasing number of cancer patients to be long-term survivors. The lung cancer survivors face various short term and long term challenges regarding their physical and mental health. Some of the long-term effects arise during or after the treatment and may persist through many years. The patients face various mental health challenges when the cancer is diagnosed and even throughout the process. At the time of diagnosis, additional health risk factors add on.

Various studies conducted on the quality of life among lung cancer survivors have shown that they face both physical and mental health issues. Generally, the healthcare providers focus largely on physical symptoms and less emphasis is placed on mental health issues. However, mental health and related quality of life needs to be monitored to help patients in improving their survival. When the person is going through the treatment, it is important to continue monitoring the body for any changes. Also, it is not only about physical changes but also changes in your mood or outlook.

One should consider talk therapy or medications or combination of both for managing depression and anxiety during lung cancer treatment. It is always recommended to seek help from those who have significant experience in working in people with lung cancer. One can also find a therapist and should share with friends and family about their feelings. This helps to release out the psychological stress and let you feel connected to the world around. Exercise also plays a pivotal role in enhancing your mental health.

The information shared in this blog is for educational purposes only. Please contact your healthcare professional for any medical advice.

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