Regular Screening Is A Useful Tool In Fighting Lung Cancer

CT ScreenDetecting Lung Cancer Symptoms

Generally, lung cancer symptoms do not appear unless the disease is at its advanced stage. Another problem that one faces in early detection of this deadly disease is that many people mistaken its symptoms as for other problems. This delays the diagnosis. One of the useful ways to cure lung cancer is the use of screening. It involves tests and exams to find a disease without any symptoms. Though researchers have been looking for a good screening test for years but in recent years, only a few one can help to lower the risk of getting lung cancer to an advanced incurable stage.

Low-dose CT Scan

The only recommended screening test for lung cancer is Low-dose CT scan. This is a special type of X-Ray that takes pictures when you lie on a table sliding in and out of the machine. These pictures offer a detailed overview of the body. The studies have shown that it has worked to reduce the risk of dying from lung cancer.

Screening Test Requirements

All those persons who have a history of heavy smoking should get themselves screened. People who are between 55 to 80 years old and smoke now or have quit within past 15 years are also at the risk of getting lung cancer. Regular screening is a useful way to detect lung cancer at an early stage. Lung cancer screening test is only recommended to adults having no symptoms but are at high risk of developing the disease owing to their smoking history. Thus, lung cancer screening is not right for everybody.

You should always consult your healthcare professional before taking any new medication or going for tests. The information posted here is for educational purposes only.

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