Physical Exercise Help In Lung Cancer Cure

Physical ExercisePhysical exercise & lung cancer; are they relate to each other, the answer is yes.  Why yes??? As we all know physical exercise make us healthy, fit and active; as well as we also knows lung cancer is very dangerous disease and get many life’s. All you know the side effect of chemotherapy, and staying fit and active with lung cancer treatment is necessary. If you do regular exercise your treatment will work faster and cure you fast.

Regular exercise help lung cancer in improving – Fatigue; Breathing; Anxiety, Stress and Depression; Gastrointestinal side effects; Self-esteem; Muscle strength & Cardiovascular fitness. Doctor also suggests you for do regular exercise. It’s you and your loved once duty to go with you and motivate you to do regular exercise.

There are many studies which shows the impact of physical exercise on the risk of lung cancer, the patients who do regular exercise and stay physically active fight more easily with lung cancer then other patients who don’t stay physical active. If you don’t know how to start exercise then consult with Physical Therapist, Exercise Physiologist or Personal Trainer. They will help you to guide you how to do proper and perfect exercise. Better join any good professional gym under guidance of your physician.

The who diagnoses with lung cancer may loose strength and stamina; even you more fit physically before diagnosis. Don’t stop doing physical exercise while you diagnoses with lung cancer; this will be your strength. Do your all daily routine work by yourself.

Why only once when you diagnoses with lung cancer only then do physical exercises, why not from today and the one who recover from lung cancer continue to do exercise. Physical exercise not only good for lung cancer patients but it’s also helpful to all of us while we have lung cancer or not, have any disease or not.

Do regular physical exercise and stay health always!!!

Health is Wealth!!!

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