Myths and Facts of Lung Cancer Risks

Myths and Facts of Lung Cancer RisksThere are a lot of myths and facts of lung cancer risks. A fact that can’t be ignored is the reality that smoking causes lung cancer and lung cancer take more lives of people than any other type of cancer. The myth is the traditional story of lung cancer that smokers are the only ones at risk. Followings are the myths and facts of lung cancer are:

Myth: Lung cancer only happens if you are smoking from long time.

Fact: If you want to quit smoking then you are never too late. It will take time so smokers can reduce their lung cancer risk to the common level by quitting now.

Myth: Light cigarettes are secure.

Fact: There are no cigarettes that are safe. Light cigarettes can also bring the same lung cancer risks as “normal” cigarettes.

Myth: Only smokers are at risk of getting lung cancer.

Fact: It is true that for smokers, risk is high for lung cancer. But, it is also possible that non-smokers develop lung cancer. 10% of overall people and 20% of women with lung cancer are lifetime non-smokers.

Myth: E-cigarettes are risk-free and don’t cause cancer.

Fact: There is not sufficient information about those E-cigarettes that are risk free. Most oncologists do not think that E-cigarettes are a secure alternative to smoking.

Myth: Being diseased with lung cancer is a death sentence.

Fact: It is true that lung cancer means end of life, but finding the best solution to treatment of, lung cancer will cure you from this disease. With CT screening it is easy to detect lung cancer at an early stage and make an improvement in lung cancer death rate. Lots of people are diagnosed with the disease at a stage beyond which a treatment is possible. If lung cancer is not able to be improved, it is still treatable.

Myth: There is not anything to control the risk of lung cancer.

Fact: Surely stopping smoking can lessen your risk of getting lung cancer. Awareness about other factors that may increase or lesser your risk is helpful. Radon can increase your risk of lung cancer but healthy diet and exercise can reduce lung cancer risk.

Myth: Air pollution is greater risk than smoking.

Fact: Use of diesel and air pollution does increase the risk of lung cancer but the risk is little in comparison to smoking.

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