Main Causes of Lung Cancer

Things to Know About Lung CancerIn the entire world, lung cancer is mostly responsible for death tragedies that occur in both men and women. The primary cause of lung cancer is carcinogens from tobacco products such as cigarettes, cigar, pipe cigarette smoking and other harmful gases. Smoking is responsible for 80-90% of lung cancer disease, those who smoke cigarette are more likely to develop lung cancer quicker compare to non-smokers, and it always occur at a high level. Inhaling the cigarette smoking from other people’s cigarette can also cause lung cancer.

However, tobacco smoke which is widely recognized as one of the primary cause of lung cancer should be avoided if possible because it contains 7000 chemicals of which majority are poisonous. Smoking is addictive, it is the primary reason smokers continue to smoke even at the detriment of their health and they can’t help it but to continue cigarette smoking. The more someone smoke, the more the risk of developing lung cancer. But, if a smoker tries every possible means to give up smoking, and eventually succeeds before melanoma cells develops, the damage cancer tissues will begin to get repaired and the risk of developing lung cancer will reduce. The percentage risk will not be as low as that of those who doesn’t smoke cigarette.

Moreover, radon gas is another primary cause of lung cancer, the presence of it in homes, and populated areas makes it one of the primary cause of lung cancer in the world. Another cause of lung cancer is abnormal gene; the kind of gene one possesses can be responsible for lung cancer. Some inherited genes causes mutation which cause certain changes in the DNA of cancer cells. It is actually these changes that lead to abnormal cell growth within the lungs. If the gene that is responsible for normal cell growth gets corrupted, it results to changes in the DNA which causes the cells to malfunction, these changes results to the development of lung cancer. Causes of lung cancer such as gene mutation cannot be avoided, it is mostly inherited, and little can be done to avert the imminent tragedy of lung cancer.

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