Lung Cancer Awareness Month: Latest Researches in Lung Cancer Treatment

lungLung Cancer Awareness Month is observed every year in the month of November. It intends to educate public about signs and symptoms of lung cancer. Creating awareness about this deadly disease is very essential so that it gets diagnosed at an early stage.

Here, we take a close look at the various recent researches that have been done in the field of lung cancer treatment. These aim at improving the survival rates of lung cancer patients.

Yogurt and High-Fiber Diet

Taking high-fiber diet and yogurt could lower the risk of getting lung cancer. Those who consumed large amounts of these have showed reduced risk for lung cancer. Read More…

Nanoscale Treatment

The non-toxic nanoscale treatment has been tested by team of researchers. This lead to delivering chemotherapy drugs directly into cancer cells. The approach utilized tiny tubes called peptoids for cancer-killing drugs. Read More…

Genetic Mutations

Genetic mutations in tumors are linked to improved clinical outcomes for the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer. This recent research analyzed the use of pembrolizumab in patients with advanced NSCLC. Read More…

November Lung Cancer Awareness Month

E-Sniffer and Lung Cancer

The recent updates in the field of lung cancer also include use of eNose to identify whether the patients are likely to benefit from immunotherapy or not. This small device contains sensors that detect volatile organic compounds in patients with lung cancer. Read More…

Capmatinib Therapy

Capmatinib therapy has recently been granted breakthrough therapy by FDA officials. This oral investigational therapy demonstrates substantial improvement over the existing ones. Read More…

Personalizing the Treatment

The scientists worked to identify key proteins that control the pathways used by lung cancer cells to spread in the organ. This technology helped to map the network of proteins in the lungs. Read More…

This Lung Cancer Awareness Month, we hope that the treatments for lung cancer continue to improve and overall survival rates of patients increase.


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