Leading Causes of Lung Cancer

Radon Gas The rate at which lung cancer is being developed by people is alarming. The reason is because there is high level of exposure to the leading causes. The panacea to the development of lung cancer is absolute avoidance of the leading factor. Smoking is one of the leading factors of lung cancer. The presence of carcinogen in the environment is very dangerous; carcinogen is the leading cause of lung cancer, any amount of it that finds its way into the body system is a potential treat of lung cancer. The gas that surrounds us contains carcinogens, gases from vehicles, power plants, and so on. The most common gas is carbon monoxide; it can be released easily from the simple machines that use fuel. The smoke released from tobacco products such as cigarette, cigars and pipes contains high level of carcinogens which develops lung cancer. 1% of lung cancer deaths are attributed to breathing in of polluted air, and prolonged exposure of polluted air by non-smokers can equal the risk of developing lung cancer with smokers.

Air Pollution

Consequently, constant exposure to radon gases is also a risk to developing lung cancer. Radon is a radioactive gas released from the decay of element such as thorium, uranium, and radium etc., this gas is also contained in rocks and soils, when the soil undergoes certain process, it causes radon gas to be released. Radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, an estimate of about 150,000 deaths every year is related to radon as the causative factor. Radon is present in nearly all air, but it is at a very low-level. The danger of radon gas is almost inevitable when the concentration is high, it can enter homes through cracks on the floor, walls. It can also emanate from building materials, or from water obtained from well.

Secondhand Smoke

Radon elements decays rapidly giving off tiny radioactive particles which is dangerous to human health. When this radon particles are inhaled into the body, it poses a threat of damaging the cells of the lung lining which leads to lung cancer. Environments that contains these two leading cause of cancer should be out rightly avoided, because it is through avoiding the causative factors that the risk of developing lung cancer can be reduced.

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