John Housel Second Time Lung Cancer Fight

John HouselAmber Kerr told me on Lung Cancer Blog Facebook page that his uncle is in UPMC Presbyterian hospital Pittsburgh PA he’s fighting stage 4 lung cancer yet again this is his second battle. It’s in his lung he’s not expected to make it much longer, we are looking for people and organizations to donation for travel expenses so we can be there with him in this time of need. We live 2 hours from the hospital anything would help maybe you guys could be willing to donate to his go fund me page (

Amber also told his uncle story to me and here it is:

In 2015, my uncle (John Housel) was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer in his throat up into his mouth he fought that battle coming home with feeding tube a TRAC in his throat and drang ports.

This April he got sick, the doctors thought it was pneumonia in his lung they started IV ports with antibodies to clear the pneumonia and then proceeded to get worse; they did a cat scan and said he had a tumor in his lung. They did a biopsy and confirmed it was stage 4 cancer in his right lung. They then did a scope and said that it was 3 to 4 inches in his lung.

Yesterday, they gave him medicine that was called TB to try and break up the infection which caused an artery in his lung to bleed; he had blood transfusion they went in and glued the spot we’re the bleed was and had to put a breathing tube in because the blood had started to fill his left lung, he was bleeding from the dran ports they had in and spitting up blood. They also have him on medicine to keep his blood pressure up because it was very low. They paralyzed him so he didn’t accidentally rip anything out and so he didn’t break the lung back open.

As of today he’s still in ICU, the bleeding is stopped he still has his breathing tube and still on medication for his blood pressure and has a feeding tube. The cancer has eaten is way from inside out of his lung causing the bottom of his lung to be a open pocket which is the cancer tumor that ate threw. They said it’s pretty much a waiting game to see if he’s going to inprove.

We’re a prove family I have a 5 month old daughter with travel expenses and parking and stuff it’s so hard for us to travel everyday, we were trying to get into like a housing that helps but can’t find anything, we’re just trying to be there in this time of need because myself, my fiancé and his sister and brother in law are the only family; he has that cares about him his sister has to daughters the go to school daily n that really just lets me and my fiance to be able to try n get back and forth to him but with all the expenses of our everyday life and all the travel expenses it’s got us mentally and physically dragged not being able to be there with him.

He’s been there for a week and 4 days now and they said it’s going to be a long process and we just can’t get the money together between the 4 of us to be able to do it. And is so depressing not being able to be there with him when he needs us most. I’m sorry for the long message I’m just venting we are just in devastation can’t believe after Fighting the first battle he’s now fighting it again just worse this time. We don’t have life insurance so God forbid if something were to happen we don’t even think we’re able to bury him but that’s are last thoughts now we’re just trying to be there to let him know we’re here for him.

John Housel Fund raising link:

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