Israeli Researchers Identify Relapse-free Treatment for Lung Cancer

Lung CancerThe research team of Weizmann Institute have identified biomarker that helps to prevent relapse of certain types of lung cancer. This new Israeli study could open ways to more efficient treatment for lung cancer. In this research, the team was puzzled by the fact that some patients were suffering regression with secondary gene mutations that allow tumors to develop resistance to targeted therapy drugs. They also reviewed the mutation cases in EGFR (Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor) gene which is responsible for making receptor protein. The study focused on the EGFR gene which may allow physicians to identify patients who are suitable for singular antibody-based drug. This drug could induce full remission without threat of relapse. Though smoking remains the main cause behind lung cancer, the next largest cause affecting non-smokers is characterized by mutations in a gene called EGFR.

The team has conducted the study using mice and has identified a potential biomarker identifying those patients who could benefit more long-term from a drug called cetuximab. In the trials of biological drug Erbitux, they found that it could inhibit the growth of cancerous tumors. The study was published in the Cell Reports Medicine journal.

This potential biomarker could revoutionize lung cancer treatment. The team of researchers is now preparing for the clinical trial to validate the effectivess of treatment in humans by leveraging Erbitux’s existing approval for other cancer types. Also, this could reshape the clinical practices and works towards relevant mutations that help lung cancer patients. The researchers plan to assess the drug’s effectiveness on lung cancer patients.

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