How is Lung Cancer Diagnosed

Lung Cancer DiagnosesThe diagnosis of lung cancer differs from one person to another. The medical team decides on the tests to be undertaken depending upon a number of factors such as the medical history, symptoms faced by a person and the physical exam results.

Your medical practitioner will ask about your medical history to get better knowledge of the symptoms being faced. He will also examine for the early signs of lung cancer. When the physical exam reveals abnormal sounds in lungs or weak breathing or swelling of face, your doctor may suspect cancer. If your history or symptoms and physical exam suggest that you might have lung cancer, some tests are done. These tests help to diagnose lung cancer.

Tests for Lung Cancer Diagnosis

Some of the common tests performed for diagnosis of lung cancer include:

Chest X-Ray

In these tests, an X-ray image of the lungs is taken to check for any abnormal mass or nodule. If something suspicious is detected, the doctor recommends for some more tests to get a better clarity.

Computed Tomography (CT) Scan

CT scan may also be undertaken to reveal small lesions in the lungs. Instead of taking just one picture like x-ray, it takes many pictures from all angles. These are then combined by computer into images of slices of your lungs. It is more likely to show tumors than routine chest x-rays. It helps to find enlarged lymph nodes containing cancer that has spread from the lungs.

Sputum Cytology

When the person is experiencing cough and produces sputum, this test is undertaken. A sample of mucus you cough up from the sputum is looked at under microscope to see if it contains cancer cells or not. This helps to reveal the presence of lung cancer cells.

Treatment of Lung Cancer

If lung cancer is detected, the various treatment options are considered and the most suitable one is selected by your doctor.

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