Health Benefits of Fennel for Lung Cancer Patients

Fennel-2Lung Cancer is a serious health problem having no respect for age and sex and can affect any person at any interval of time. Various ayurvedic herbs help lung cancer patients in easing their treatment process. They help to improve their immune system to better fight this disease. One of such herb is Foeniculum vulgare, which is commonly known as fennel and is a medicinal plant. Fennel is used extensively for medicinal and culinary practices. People from diverse cultures and traditions prefer consuming fennel seeds for the medicinal properties it offers. Fennel is a tasty herb and it is a common practice in India to chew a few saunf seeds soon after a meal. It not only freshens breathe but also bursts amounts of nutrients. This flavorsome herb is white and green with feathery leaves having yellow flowers.

Fennel-2Fennel seeds offer a wide range of nutritional properties that help in improving the well-being of a person. They come with rich array of nutrients and powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These are valuable in treating digestive and respiratory ailments. Fennel seeds are rich source of Vitamin C, potassium, manganese, zinc, magnesium, calcium and selenium. The seeds have powerful free radical scavenging properties to help beat oxidative stress. They help to protect the body from various cancers.

According to numerous studies, the powerful antioxidant properties of fennel seeds shield the body from lung cancer. They help to inhibit the growth of lung cancer cells. It is also used to reduce the damage of chemotherapy and radiations as it contains flavonoid, alkaloids and phenol.

Fennel-2Fennel seeds are rich in potassium and help to keep a check on the blood pressure levels. Their regular consumption provides minerals like selenium, zinc and calcium which are beneficial in maintaining oxygen balance in the bloodstream. The fiber and essential oils in fennel seeds are useful in flushing out toxins from the bodies, helping in cleansing the blood for optimum absorption of nutrients in body.


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