General Causes of Lung Cancer

Lung CancerLung cancer, is a dangerous and deadly disease in which every information about it is worth knowing about in order to get informed about its dangers. Lung cancer is a kind of abnormal growth of cells within the lungs; these growths are uncontrollable, and they grow rapidly by dividing itself into new cells which increases in size to form tumor. The more the tumor grows and increases in size and number, the more the lungs lose its ability to function normally. Before a cell in the lungs can develop into a tumor, it must have gone through series of mutation.

Lung cancer usually begins with growth errors within the lung cells. Under normal circumstances, the cells in the body are meant to grow and divide and die while the new ones grow and continue the process. But in a situation, where a cell grows and divides but refuses to die, the normal growth process becomes altered, resulting to an error called “mutation.” Mutation can occur due to negative factors in the environment, these factors include nicotine from cigarette smoke, asbestos fiber, and harmful gases.

Moreover, a cancerous cell has the ability to spread to other parts of the body through the blood stream or through the lymphatic tissue, leaving the victim with little or no chance of surviving.

Generally, lung cancer primarily occurs as a result of carcinogenic substances inhaled into the body. This substance has the ability to damage the DNA of the body system and also affect the normal functioning and growth process of the lung cells. The symptoms of lung cancer do not show up immediately, it takes years before the symptoms start manifesting which is usually at the advanced stage of the disease. The symptoms for detecting the disease include coughing out blood, pains in the chest, persistent coughing, and difficult breathing and so on.

There are several types of lung cancer, but the two main types from which others emanates from are:

  1. Small Cell Lung Cancer
  2. Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer

Getting information about each of these types of cancerous growth is necessary because treatments are always carried out depending on the type of the cancerous growth.

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