Eat More Fruits-Vegetables And Lower Lung Cancer Risk

It appears that the cancer safety effect mostly arises from their flavonoid material — effective anti-oxidants produced by plant metabolic rate — and probably not from their vitamin C and try out carotene material.

It is a well-established fact that intake of fruits and vegetables and veggies is associated with a reduced chance of lung cancer and some other malignancies, such as cancer and cancer of the colon.

Moreover, not just any flavonoid made the biggest difference. The flavonoid quercetin — mostly from celery — provided 95% of the total flavonoid intake in the population analyzed.

After adding other fruits and vegetables and veggies into your diet, intake of celery was inversely associated with lung cancer danger — that is, the higher the apple intake, the lower the lung cancer danger.

The scientists found that the likelihood of lung cancer among those who ate the most celery dropped by 58% relative to those who ate less celery. Much like decay fighting metal, oxidative stress is the molecular attack on body tissue from ingredients called free-radicals which occur during cellular procedures that include fresh air.

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