Drug Made From Crocuses Wiped Out Lung Cancer

CrocusesDrug made from crocuses is the latest weapon to beat lung cancer and cured disease in one test or treatment. It is believed to cure almost all types of cancer, including breast, bowel, lung and prostate. The drug is basically depends on colchicine, an extract of the autumn crocus which includes anti-cancer properties.

This drug has no side effects. Its one does can totally wiped out lung cancer. A drug made from crocuses is known as ICT2588 can halt the blood vessels. With this drug the patient body doesn’t become resistant like many other treatments including the Herceptin breast cancer ‘wonder drug’.

The main problem when patients use other drugs they get more six months of life and the cancer comes back because the cancer finds new pathway. Drug made from crocuses can totally kill lung cancer. Drug made from crocuses is best medicine to fight against cancer. This drug can kill tumors in single treatment. It is about to cure almost all cancers except blood cancer found in human body without side effects in another part of body. This drug is very toxic for humans.

Scientists have done test on mice with cancer and found great result i.e. one dose of drug can treat cancer. Mostly mice regressed their tumor and not came back. Many other cancer medicines includes side effects but this drug is so far from side effects. We all know cancer is increasing day by day in human body and no good drug has been found which is wipe out the cancer.

It is good news for all cancer patients who are in the advanced stages of cancer can cure their disease.  A Drug made from crocuses can wiped out lung cancer properly in one treatment and diagnoses can found in one test. A drug found in crocuses can kill all types of cancers and cured the illness.  A Drug made from crocuses is also known as smart bomb.

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