Do Vitamin Supplements Increase Risk of Lung Cancer?

Vitamin SupplementsThe latest study regarding the risk of developing lung cancer was conducted by researchers at the Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center and National Taiwan University. This study suggests that long-term and high dose of vitamin supplements like B6 and B12 can increase the risk of lung cancer in men by two to four folds as compared to those who are non-users. Isn’t that finding really surprising and shocking? The vitamin supplements are long being touted for helping one to improve metabolism and increase energy. But the recent research indicates the bitter side of taking such supplements. Also, the risk was further elevated in men who smoked and took over 20 grams of B6 or 55 milligrams of B12 per day for 10 years. Those who took B6 and smoked were at high risk of developing lung cancer to almost three times. On the other hand, men who took B12 at high doses were about four times more likely to develop the deadly diseases as compared to non-users.

This study is the first observational study that has been conducted to consider the effects of high doses of vitamin supplements taken over a long period of time with the risk of developing lung cancer. The researchers have analyzed data from more than 77000 patients aging between 50 to 76 years. The patients reported the information about the use of B vitamins over the decade and the researchers adjusted for several factors. These include smoking history, race, education, history of cancer, family history of lung cancer and more. Also, the doses noted are those which are above the recommended dietary allowance and are being taken as a multivitamin daily for over 10 years.

The vitamins should be taken with the advice of a medical professional and in recommended dosage. Also, as this was an observational study and thus, it cannot prove that Vitamin B supplements actually caused lung cancer.

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