Curable Stages of Lung Cancer

Curable Stages of Lung CancerSurviving a lung cancer is dependent on the particular stage at which the cancer is being detected. Carrying out lung cancer treatment at the wrong stage can lead to complications which might lead to the death of the patient. Some lung cancers cannot be cured once it has exceeded the stage in which it can be cured. A particular stage of a lung cancer that can be cured implies there is something the multidisciplinary team come up with so as to prevent the tragedy that is about to occur to the patient.

Curable stages of lung cancer, as it is being rated according to its advancement should be from stage zero to two. Stage three and four of non-small cell lung cancer and also all the stages of small cell lung cancer cannot be cured. The spread of the cancer to other parts of the body will make curing difficult. If a cancer can be detected at the stage when the tumor has not yet formed, the cancer can be easily treated and cured. But such is not always the case as cancer is not easily detected at the early stage except when it has reach the advance stage where the tumor has grown, divided and spread.

Apparently, a stage zero non-small cell lung cancer can be cured, patient with stage zero non-small cell lung cancer receiving adequate treatment has a great chance of surviving the disease, because at this stage the tumor has not yet begin to form and the cancer can easily be eradicated. Stage two non-small cell lung cancer can also be cured if a capable specialist performs the treatment and ensures that it is done successfully. Stage one non-small cell lung cancer can be cured through surgery, by either removing one lung lobe or by taking out a small piece of the lung so that the cancer cells can be removed.

People diagnosed with stage two non-small cell cancer can be treated to have the cancer removed through surgery called lobectomy which involves removing one lobe of the lung. Stage two non-small cell lung cancer can also be cured through another surgery type called pneumonectomy which involves removing the whole lung. Stage three to the very last stage of lung cancer is not curable because the cancer has spread beyond the lungs to other parts of the body. At these stages of the cancer, treatment is not usually done with the purpose of curing it, but it is done to in order to control the cancer and sustain the life of the patient for as long as possible.

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