Communicating With Children about Your Lung Cancer

lungLung Cancer diagnosis has a drastic impact not only on the patient but also on the entire family. You have to make a lot of decisions regarding your treatment options. The one who receives lung cancer diagnosis find it difficult to tell friends and family about the same and especially to the children. Though difficult, but it is necessary to break the news to the child. Being honest with children is the best choice. Here, we discuss some useful tips that may help in communicating with your children as well as your family.

  • You should think about how much and what topics you want to share. The talks may become too sensitive for you as well as children.
  • You should be ready to expect different reactions as all have different ways of processing the stressful news.
  • When you are talking to children about lung cancer, it is vital to keep their age in mind. You should use a calm and reassuring voice. They should not feel too stressful and neither you.
  • Don’t be afraid to use the “cancer” word. Practice your explanation beforehand so that you can comfortably talk to your kids. You should give them accurate and age-appropriate details.
  • You should emphasize on what won’t change within their daily routine and schedule. Explain to them about any physical changes you might go during the treatment. Assure them that you will continue to take care of them.
  • While telling your children, you should also answer’s their queries as accurate as possible. You should feel free to express your feelings with them. Don’t lose self-confidence in front of them and also encourage them.
  • Lung cancer treatments take a bit long but at the same time, you need to try taking out time for listening to your children. Take them along in your physical and emotional journey so that they feel loved.

Feel free to share more suggestions for the lung cancer patients that help them in overcoming lung cancer.

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