Common Causes of Lung Cancer

There are so many causes of lung cancer, but there are some common causative factors which leads to lung cancer. Common causes of lung cancer are so common that it is being seen as a normal experience, and people tend to ignore the threat it poses to the development of lung cancer.

However, cigarette smoking is one of the common cause of lung cancer, people who smoke endanger their life every moment a cigarette is in their mouth. The risk of lung cancer increases in the life of a smoker with every number of cigarette he smokes. The more the number of cigarette pack smoked per day, the higher the risk of lung cancer. Most people smoke two packs of cigarette per day, and a pack contains about ten sticks of cigarette. Someone with a year history of smoking with two packs a day is virtually open for a lung cancer attack.

Furthermore, pipe and cigar smoke are also common causes of lung cancer, but the risk involve is lesser compare to cigarette. A lot of people have died as a result of smoking pipes and cigars, these substance are addictive in nature thereby making it difficult for those who smoke to stop the habit. About 90% of lung cancer is caused by tobacco use, there are two primary carcinogen chemicals present in tobacco smoke, and they are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and nitrosamines. Besides these two chemicals, there about 4000 chemical compounds contained in tobacco smoke and many of these chemicals are responsible for the development of lung cancer in the body. The risk of lung cancer can be reduced sin smokers if they can stop smoking, quitting smoking will enable normal cells to grow and replace damaged cells in the lungs.

Pollution from the atmosphere is also a common cause of lung cancer, the presence of poisonous gases in the air contributes to the risk of lung cancer. Air polluted with carbon monoxide and other dangerous gases is not save to inhale, because these gases contain carcinogen chemicals which causes lung cancer, any tiny amount of carcinogen should not be allowed into the body. Non-smokers also face a great danger of getting lung cancer, if they don’t do everything possible to avoid being exposed to these common causes of lung cancer. If the common causes can be avoided, then the risk of developing the disease can be greatly reduced.

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