Cancer Causing Food Which You Eat Daily

Smoked FoodsIt’s very tough to eat healthy food daily, after long working hours. There are many situations where it attacks but very often. The good example of cancer causing is smoking and overexposure to ultraviolet rays, which cause lung cancer and skin cancer.

Here are some foods that you need to avoid, even you say “Everything cause cancer, so what should I avoid?” These common foods have been significantly proven to considerably improve the risk of cancer.

Pickled FoodsSalted, Pickled, and Smoked Foods:

They may be tasty, but many salty, pickled and smoked meals are prepared with the additive nitrate, which changes in our systems to N-nitroso compounds, which are affiliated with great cancer-developing threats. Smoked meals like various meats or nut products process the smoking, which contains the same tar discovered in tobacco. Intestinal tract, abdomen cancer and lung cancer are connected to salty, pickled and smoked meals. Do you have a flavor for these cravable meals now???

PopcornMicrowave Popcorn:

It’s easy to pop a bag of popcorn in microwave when you need quick tasty snack, but those microwave popcorn bags are coated with chemicals which linked to causing not only infertility but also testicular, liver and pancreatic cancers. These bags are center of lung cancer debates around the world from many times. Even you now thinking of taking these popcorn?

White flourProcessed White Flour:

The famous host Oprah popularly missing a lot of weight by reducing out anything white, especially the big root cause – white flour. You may have often observed it’s bad for you, but you probably don’t understand that chemically-bleaching flour with chlorine gas destroys all of its healthy nutritional value. Chlorine gas can be dangerous when consumed, so why would we want it in our dinner? White flour also contains a high glycemic rate, which increases glucose levels and levels of blood vessels insulin and can straight cause diabetic issues. Cancerous tumors feed on sugar in the bloodstream, so by preventing enhanced grain like prepared white flour, you can prevent or starve deadly tumors.

Canned FoodsCanned Foods:

Canned foods are lined with bisphenol-A (BPA), a substance that functions as an estrogen and interrupts hormone action in the body. In a study that published in May 2013 the Proceeding of the National Academy of Science shows that BPA actually affects the way genes work inside the brain of rats. Tinned or canned foods are highly dangerous due to use of acids at high level for preserve them. This study shows that BPA may cause various kind of cancers, heart disease, colonial damage and several generative issues. So, why we don’t cook fresh or use glass containers?

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