Can Organic (Green) Tea Prevent Lung Cancer?

Green TeaLung cancer is the leading cause of death among men and women today. It is an illness that affects the seniors though adults are also susceptible to creating it. Over the years, the variety of individuals suffering from lung cancer has improved which can be linked to the changing lifestyle of the population.

The most common cause of the growth of lung cancer is proportional to cigarette smoking. Research has shown that the chance of creating lung cancer increases with the variety of cigarette used over time. Pipe and stogie smoking cigarette also causes lung cancer but the danger is not the same as with cigarette smoking.

Cigarettes are primarily to be held responsible for lung cancer because cigarette contains over 4,000 chemical products with a majority of these substances known to be cancer-causing. The two primary cancer-causing substances found in cigarette are called nitrosamine and polycyclic fragrant hydrocarbons. Once an individual stops smoking cigarette however, the chance of creating lung cancer reduces.

Non-smokers can also develop lung cancer if they are revealed to second-hand smoking from cigarette smoke users. About 3,000 fatalities every year are caused by inactive smoking cigarette. Another cause of lung cancer is the vulnerability of one to creating it. Genes play an important aspect to determine if one is at chance of cancer.

The presence of lung illnesses and having a prior history of lung cancer are other reasons why an individual will have a little bit improved chance of creating the cancer. Aside from this, environmental factors such as air contamination are major members of lung cancer.

Since the illness is so frequent nowadays, various treatments have been developed to fight it. These treatments include surgery and radiotherapy. But there is a recent growth that including a natural way of treating lung cancer and that is through the intake of green tea draw out.

A clinical research has been done that tested green tea draw out ingredients to human lung cancer tissues in a managed and artificial environment. The tissues of cancer were placed in test pipes and were revealed to caffeine free teas. The tissues were marinated in the draw out for a maximum of three days. Caused by this research shows that the teas has changed a certain protein in the cancer tissues making it stick together and move less. Researchers working on the research were not able to tell exactly what in the teas worked to achieve the mentioned outcome.

And while the study is still not definite as to the intake of green tea draw out to be just right against lung cancer, it provides as the first step of creating drugs which will imitate the effects of revealing green tea draw out ingredients to the cancer tissues. Through this cutting-edge research, there is still hope for a lung cancer cure.

Nevertheless, one will not lose anything in knowing that a certain natural remedy works for him. Besides, green tea draw out is one herb that is very rich in anti-oxidants vital to the well-being of an individual and known to fight other illnesses as well.

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