Breath Test in Clinical Trial for Lung Cancer

Clinical TrialMedical researchers are not relenting on their efforts in seeking out every possible means of winning the fight against lung cancer. Now the recent proof of their hard work is the breath test which detects lung cancer in human body. This discovery is now being included in the list of clinical trial available for lung cancer treatment. The device which is known as “Gas Chromatography Asymmetric ion Mobility Spectrometry” is used to receive breath in order to detect if there is the presence of lung cancer or not. Human breath contains volatile organic compounds that are produced in the body.

When the breath gets into the device, the chemical compounds contained in the breath are being trapped and examined by a sensor in the device.  The breath device detects by carrying out separations between complex compounds within the breath, and identifying specific compounds depending on how they react. These compounds are used to determine whether there is the presence of lung cancer or not.

However, the device is said to have proven successful by medical centers, and companies. For this reason, it is now being considered as a clinical trial for lung cancer treatment. The target aimed for this device is for it to be able to pick up early signs, and detect the presence of any lung cancer disease early before it advances in stage. The inability to detect lung cancer early is the main treat, and not the disease itself. With the aid of this breath device, the rate of early detection of lung cancer can be improved, as well as the survival rate. If there is one thing needed to win the fight against lung cancer, it would be the absolute ability to detect the disease early, as there are treatments available for cure.

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