Ayurvedic Herb Datura (Dhattura fastuosa) For Lung Cancer

Datura (Dhattura fastuosa)Ayurvedic herbs are increasingly being used in the treatment of lung cancer. They are used in addition to the regular treatment going on and help patients in recovering from cancer in a better way. We always emphasize on the importance of lung cancer in ayurveda and how these herbs work to cure cancer. One of such herbs is Datura or Dhattura fastuosa. Datura helps lung cancer patients in overcoming the symptoms being faced.

Datura has an active anti asthmatic agent which is called as atropine. This agent helps in overcoming the respiratory diseases of the lungs. With this ayurvedic herb, your lung problems like productive cough and asthma also get cured. In addition to its role in lung cancer treatment, this herb is also effective in curing a number of other health issues as well. It is effective for the treatment of asthma and can calm the respiratory tracts as well. It also works to improve the mood of the patient and reduce stress. This benefit is very crucial for those going through the lung cancer treatment. As the treatment is long-term and involves several physical changes, one needs to be mentally strong to handle those. Datura has traditionally been effective in relieving the symptoms of depression.

One can also use this ayurvedic herb in relaxing the cardiovascular system. Also, datura is also suggested as a sleep aid. It can work effectively to deliver restful sleep among the patients.

Generally, ayurvedic herbs do not come with any side effects. On the safer side, it is always recommended to consult your health care practitioner before intake of any new herb or medicine. You should not start or stop any medicine without consultation.

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  1. Hi Nice article.”Health is not valued till sickness comes.” I’ve read an article awhile ago about survival rates of eye cancer.Survival rates for lymphoma of the eye are hard to find because these types of cancer are rare.The patient can live for more than five years.Is it true?

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