Ayurvedic Herb Behada (Terminalia Bellerica) For Lung Cancer

Behada (Terminalia Bellerica)About Behada

Ayurvedic herbs are increasingly being used for lung cancer treatment in addition to the regular treatment. Behada is a useful ayurvedic herb used for curing cancer. It is a large deciduous tree found throughout the country with height of about 30 meters. The botanical name is Terminalia Bellerica and is also called as Belleric Myrobalan in English.  The chemical composition of Behada fruit includes glucose, fructose, galic acid, B-sitosterol, mannitol, ramnose and chebulasic acid.

Treatment of Lung Cancer in Ayurveda

It is a popular herb for treatment of lung cancer. It works to purify the blood and helps to stimulate detoxification of lymphatic system. The herb is beneficial for the lungs. It helps to rectify any disorders associated with the lungs. When it is grinded to fine powder using the bark, it helps to cure asthma and other breathing problems.

Benefits of Behada

It is beneficial for hair, eyes and throat. Also, its seed oil offers excellent results for skin diseases and premature graying of hair as well. It is also used to prevent ageing, boost immunity, improve mental problems and enhance the body resistance against several diseases. The herb is known for improving immunity, digestive problems, eye problems, cold related problems and dental problems.

Precautions to Be Taken

One should not use the herb during pregnancy as it may be unsafe during pregnancy and breast-feeding. If you are a diabetic patient or planning to undergo a surgery, inform your physician.

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