Ayurvedic Drug: Karpuradi-Churna to Treat Lung Cancer

Karpuradi-Churna | Lung CancerMany scientists and researchers have long been working towards providing solutions to the deadly disease of lung cancer. During lung cancer treatment, the patients face many physical as well as emotional challenges. They need to keep themselves strong enough to go through the difficult process. The role of ayurveda is the field of lung cancer is rising. Many ayurvedic herbs are increasingly being used as an additional line of therapy and help to reduce its spread to other parts of the body.

Twak (Cinnamon) | Lung CancerCamphor (Kapur) | Lung CancerWe strongly suggest that the ayurvedic herbs or medicines should be taken only after approval from your health care practitioner. Though they generally do not come with any side effects but it is essential to be on the safest side and do not take any unwanted risks. One of the effective herbs is Karpuradi-Churna. It is an ayurvedic formation and consists of various herbs. The ingredients include twak (cinnamon or dalchini), camphor (kapur), jatiphala (nutmug), clove (long), pippali, and ginger. It is generally available in the form of herbal powder form. The herb helps to prevent spread of tumor locally or to other parts of the body.

Jatiphala (Nutmug) | Lung Cancer

Piper Longum (Pippali) | Lung Cancer

Karpuradi-Churna is used in the treatment of chronic respiratory diseases. It is also indicated useful in cough and when facing difficulty in breathing. The medicine is good for the heart as well. This herb works in relieving pain and nausea. It helps to control the tumor and improves the quality of life as well.

Clove (Long) | Lung Cancer

Ginger | Lung CancerThe dosage is generally one to three grams with equal quantity of sugar and water. It is taken once or twice daily as per the recommendation of Ayurvedic doctor. The high dosage of the herb can cause gastric irritation.

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