Ayurvedic Drug: Bhallataka-Asav to Treat Lung Cancer

Bhallataka AsavBhallataka (also called as marking nut, geeru veej, dhobi nut tree, indian nut tree) is a common ayurvedic drug indicated therapeutically for the management of various diseases. These include piles, worm infection, fever and more. The botanical name of the herb is Semecarpus anacardium and it belongs to the Anacardaceae family. There are many ayurvedic formulations using Bhallataka Asav for use in the lung cancer treatment. Though there are no specific leads, it has got to prove its efficacy. It is one of the potential herbs with its great scope to help patients fight against cancer.

As the ayurvedic herb is hot in nature, it is subjected to purification process. This helps to reduce its hot toxicity.  Generally, the seed is cut and kept immersed in dry brick powder. The powder absorbs all strong pungent oil and makes it usable for medicinal purposes.

Bhallataka AsavBhallataka tree is found in hilly areas and the fruits are used for therapeutic purpose. It also helps in improving intelligence and promotes digestion as well. For allergic reactions such as rashes, itching and swelling; the herb is used for external purposes.

Though there are no side effects associated with aryuvedic herbs but one should not start intake of it without consultation with your health care practitioner. It may result in toxic effects such as burning sensation of skin, ulcer and so on. One should use it with precaution to avoid any toxic effects of impure Bhallataka.

The aryuvedic drugs are increasingly being used to help the cancer patients in providing relief from physical and psychological trauma. They work to improve the strength of the patients and help them to strongly fight against the deadly disease.

Bhallataka have different names in different place:

Language Names
Latin  Semecarpus anacardium
Common  Marking nut, Geeru veej, Dhobi nut tree, Indian nut tree
Sanskrit  Angika, Agnimukh, Anala, Bhallataka, Arushkara
Hindi  Belatak, Bela, Bhilava
Marathi  Bhillava, Bhallataka, Bibba, Bibbu
Tamil  Kalakam, Kavaka , Senkotai
Malayalam  Alakcueer, Thennukota
Telugu  Bhallatamu
Kannada  Geru, Ger- kayi
Oriya  Bhollataki
Urdu  Baladur, Bhilavan
Gujarati  Bhilama
Arabian  Habvul kab
French  Anacardier D’orient
Nepali  Bhilai
Spanish  Anacardo
Note: If we miss any name, please mention it in comment with their language.

Do you think ayurvedic herbs are useful in the treatment of lung cancer? What are your views about the treatment options available for lung cancer? Share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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