Alternate Lung Cancer Therapy: Music Therapy

Music TherapyMusic offers an absolute pleasure to everyone and has a large effect on everyone in general. It has shown amazing emotional and physical benefits to cancer patients. The sound of music really helps in motivating people during their lung cancer treatment. Fighting with cancer requires great courage and patience and in those difficult times, music helps patients to cope with the emotional ups and downs. Music is also associated with the improvement in the overall quality of life for the cancer patients.

Studies have shown that music therapy as an alternative therapy for lung cancer offers a sense of joy and happiness to the patients. They feel filled with happy memories and hope. A music therapy is an application to music to have positive effect on a person physically, emotionally as well as psychologically.

Various studies have shown that music helps one to manage stress, enhance memory and helps one to communicate and express feelings in a better way. It has been evaluated for effects in anxiety, depression, pain, fatigue and stress.  Music therapy promotes a general sense of well-being. The cancer patients listen to music under the guidance of professionally trained and certified music therapists. Such therapists select the type of music that is most appropriate for that particular patient. The therapies are conducted in group basis as well as on individual basis.

Music therapy aims to support the strategies of patients experiencing a range of physical, psychological and emotional sufferings. It helps patients suffering from lung cancer in stress management, pain alleviation and memory enhancement.

If we talk about side effects, there could be a few. Yes, you should not dance to your favorite music tracks a day after you have surgery.  Hateful or loud heavy music may not be the best. Music such as soothing classic music, Indian music or others are useful in helping one feel comfortable. Other than that, music provides positive comforts to the person and hardly has any side effect.

What are your thoughts about alternate lung cancer treatment? Do you think adding music to one’s life help one to cope with cancer? Share your views with us in the comments.


The post offers information for educational purposes only. It is certainly not a substitute for medical advice. You should always consult your doctor before practicing any therapy.

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