All About Squamous Non Small Cell Lung Cancer

Lung | Lung CancerThe leading cause behind cancer related deaths is lung cancer and most of the lung cancer cases are of non-small cell lung cancer type. NSCLC occurs in about 80% to 85% and squamous is a type of NSCLC. Squamous NSCLC occurs in the thin cells that line inside the lungs. Most of the cells are located centrally and in the larger bronchi of the lung. Such cases are more strongly related with smoking than other forms of NSCLC. It is a most common type of lung cancer in men.

Squamous NSCLC is named after squamous cells that look like fish cells. These are present in many different parts of the body and squamous cell carcinoma can occur anywhere where these cells are present. Generally, there are four types being recognized by experts and these are papillary, clear cell, small cell and basaloid.

This type of lung cancer usually begins in the bronchi, the passage that brings air into the lungs. It then grows to other parts of the body. In comparison with other forms of lung cancer like small cell lung cancer or adenocarcinoma, it grows slowly. As far as the risk factors of squamous NSCLC are concerned, the most prominent is its close relation with history of tobacco smoking. The other factors include but not limited to smoking marijuana, exposure of certain chemicals, exposure of radon, air pollution etc.

The symptoms are similar to other forms of lung cancer and it is diagnosed via various tests depending on your risk factors, symptoms faced, age etc. The healthcare practitioner chooses a treatment plan based on type of lung cancer and the most common being surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. An individual treatment plan based on the unique situation helps the patient to successfully recover from the disease.

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