Advanced Lung Cancer Symptoms

Lung Cancer SymptomsIt is normal when lung cancer symptoms does not show up early, that is the nature of the disease. The symptoms begin to emerge when the disease is in its critical state. There are some symptoms that are advanced in terms of the area in which the cancer has affected, there are areas in the body in which the entire body depends on for normal functioning and carrying out of activities. The cancer is able to cause some advanced organs in the body to malfunction. When these organs begin to malfunction, the cancer victim has little or no chance of surviving the cancer.

When lung cancer begin to affect the important organs in the body, it begins to show up specific symptoms known as syndromes. An example of this syndrome is the superior vena cava syndrome; in this case, the veins that carry blood to the heart are affected due to the spread of the cancer to the upper part of the lungs. The physical symptoms that will be observed from this effect are swellings on the face, neck, arm and upper chest. This particular syndrome can develop gradually overtime thereby becoming a threat to the life of the cancer victim.

Moreover, the spread of the cancer can affect the abdomen by causing fluid to build up in the abdomen. This effect can cause symptoms like stomach swelling which makes the victim feel uncomfortable around the abdominal area. Cancer in the abdomen can cause symptoms like inability to defecate. This occurs when the cancer has blocked the intestine, and then the blocked intestine keeps digested food or stool from going through and this causes severe stomach pains. The pressure that builds up within the body can cause a hole to be form in the intestine thereby making the cancer to spread further into other parts of the body.

Another advanced lung cancer symptom is the inability to urinate despite being pressed with urine. In this case, the cancer has affected the kidney which is an important organ in the body which helps to regulate the liquid contents of the body. When the kidney becomes blocked and stops functioning, the symptoms that will be experienced are tiredness, feeling heavy and sick in the stomach. These kind of symptoms of lung cancer can lead to abrupt death if something significant is not done immediately.

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