Types of Lung Cancer Treatments

Lung Cancer TreatmentAffirmatively, there are various treatment options available to successfully get rid of cancer, but in spite of the various treatment available, the chances of a victim surviving it is still slim. People with lung cancer have a 50-50 percent chance of either surviving or dying. Survival is never a guarantee when it comes to a disease like lung cancer. The type of lung cancer treatment administered to a patient will depend on the type of lung cancer treatment the patient is diagnosed with. For instance, if a patient is diagnose with a small cell lung cancer, Small-Cell Lung Cancer (SCLC) treatments will be carried out on the patient, and if it’s a non-small cell lung cancer that the patient is suffering from, a non-small cell lung cancer treatment will be given to the patient. When making plans for any lung cancer treatment, patients are being advised and encouraged for clinical trial treatment as an option. Clinical trial involves carrying out a new cancer treatment on a cancer patient with the hope that it will be successful.

Apparently, there are four basic types of lung cancer treatments, they are surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy and targeted therapy. Each one of these types of cancer is carried out depending on the type of cancer the patient is suffering and also depending on the stage of the cancer.


Lung cancer treatment through surgery is carried out by a doctor who specializes in treating cancer using surgery. Doctors who are specially trained to carry out lung cancer surgery are called “surgical oncologist.” The essence of surgery is for the complete removal of the cancer from the lungs by removing lung tissues that are being affected.


This involves the use of high x-rays, or other powerful particles in order to destroy lung cell. Radiation oncologist carries out a lung cancer treatment using radiation. Radiation therapy destroys cells that are exposing directly in the part of the radiation. It cannot be used to treat cancer that has already spread to other parts of the body.


This type of lung cancer treatment involves the use of drugs to destroy cancer cells. Chemotherapy treatment can be used to stop cancer cells from growing, dividing and spreading. A medical oncologist is trained to perform a chemotherapy treatment.

Targeted Therapy:

Targeted therapy is used to target and destroy cancer genes and tissues that contribute to cancer growth and survival. This type of lung cancer treatment terminates the spread of the cancer.

Moreover, there are other types of lung cancer treatment available, but these four are the major ones. It is advisable to meet a qualified doctor to carryout necessary tests so as to determine the most effective treatment to perform for the successful eradication of the cancer.

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