Tackling Coronavirus during Lung Cancer Treatment

Lung Cancer Treatment & Covid-19At the end of year 2019, a novel coronavirus was identified in Wuhan, a city in the Hubei Province of China. It spread rapidly and resulted in an increasing number of cases in other countries throughout the world. By March 2020, it has been characterized as a pandemic and WHO emphasizing the gravity of situation urge all countries to take action in detecting and preventing the spread. Every person needs to take care of themselves, especially patients with lung cancer. For all those who include active or past history of lung cancer, are at risk if they contract the virus.

As the health support towards patients with COVID-19 is on priority within the medical oncology community, physicians are being forced to select which patients should receive anti-cancer therapy on the basis of who is most likely to have a positive outcome. Patients with lung cancer have high risk of interference of COVID-19 and need effective diagnostic and therapeutic treatment. The patients who contract the coronavirus experience potentially more severe symptoms.

The spread of COVID-19 is forcing hospitals to stop certain lung cancer treatments. It is also forcing government to take unprecedented measures to restrict travel and contact between individuals. The access to hospitals is also reducing to avoid straining health systems. As lung cancer patients are with compromised immune systems, they need to conform to health safety, social distancing as well as containment guidelines. The patients should consult with their health practitioner in connection with scheduled appointments for treatments. They must minimize the time spent in hospital settings.  If any respiratory difficulties experienced, the medical provider should be informed immediately.

It is vital for both the patients as well as their caregivers to take precautions for lowering the risk of getting COVID-19. Lung cancer patients must talk to their care team about whether there are any additional precautions that need to be taken.


The information shared in this blog is for educational purposes only. If you face any symptoms, please contact your health care practitioner immediately.

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