Side Effect Of Lung Cancer Treatments

Lung Cancer TreatmentIt is one thing to have a successful lung cancer treatment, and it’s yet another thing to avoid side effects. Every type of lung cancer treatment has side effects, but the side effects of each type vary depending on the nature and progress of the treatment. Some side effects of treatments depend on the number of different factors such as length of treatment, prescribed drug dosage, patient health and so on. Body reactions of patients can also cause side effects to arise from treatment, every patient has his/her own kind of body response.

However, most side effects are short-term effects which disappear after a while. Some side effect remains till after the treatment is completed. When the treatment is successfully completed, the side effects disappear gradually. The side effects caused by chemotherapy treatment is as a result of specific drugs used during the cancer treatment, the side effects includes tiredness, hair loss, rashes, numbness, mouth sore, diarrhea, and more.

Moreover, side effect experience from surgery treatment of lung cancer may be due to some situations such as the procedures of surgical treatments used, length of treatment and the number of tissues that were removed. The side effects of surgical treatments include excruciating pains, respiratory issues, vocal cord issues, memory problems, and so on. Most side effects poses a fresh threat to the health of patients as they tend to continue even after the treatment has been successfully completed. Side effects that occur as a result of treatment should not be taken lightly or ignored, immediate necessary actions should be carried out as soon as the side effect has been noticed. The doctor should know about the way you are feeling, if you are having any side effect, because if not properly checked on, it could persist and develop into something serious. Other lung cancer treatment side effects include fatigue, dental problem, bone issues, blood clot, and many others.

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