Relationship between Cough and Lung Cancer

Cough & Lung CancerWhen it comes to the health of the lungs, don’t takes chances if you are getting cough that is not quitting. You should learn everything about your cough or any other symptom that is causing you problem. Today, we are discussing about some of the serious lung cancer symptoms that you should not ignore at any cost.

Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath that accompanies dizziness, rapid heartbeat or fever requires prompt attention of the doctor. If one experiences shortness of breath which results in inability of walking or speaking full sentences, it is a sign for medical emergency.

Sound of Cough

If you wear whopping sound after each cough, that may be a sign of infection. Experiencing wheezing which sounds like a high-pitched noise is a serious symptom. You should get treatment if you have whooping cough as it is important for your health.

Long lasting cough

A cough that lingers longer than six weeks of time should always be consulted to doctor. You should certainly not ignore the persistent cough as it could be sign of lung cancer.

Trouble in Breathing

If you experience problem in breathing, this could be a sign of lung cancer. You should see your doctor for a lung function test and get advice on how to manage the issue so that you can comfortably perform your exercises.

Experiencing pain when breathing

When you breathe in and out and you feel pain, it could have a blood clot in your lungs. If the pain is so severe, you should seek medical attention.

Coughing up Blood

A bloody cough could also be a sign of lung cancer or other serious illness. The bright red new blood or darker old blood coming up while coughing, you should seek medical attention.

Other lung symptoms

If you experience any other issues, you should get it checked out immediately.


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