Personalized Blood Test to Help Selection of Lung Cancer Treatment

Blood Test Helps to Detect Lung Cancer at an Early StageUniversity of Cambridge has led a study that showed that a personalized blood test performed after lung cancer treatment could help in detection of patients who are at high risk of return of lung cancer. This method was tested in patients to reveal the state of tumor to select the best treatment for them. The personalized blood test is a type of liquid biopsy and picks up traces of DNA released as tumors to accurately locate their location. This DNA is called circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) and helps in revealing state of tumor, location and its weakness.

After lung cancer treatment, patients are followed up with tests to find if treatment has removed the tumor but scans won’t pick up small quantities of cancer cells and this could lead to further tumors. The LUCID-DNA study aimed to find if circulating DNA can be detected in early stage lung cancer. Liquid biopsy analyses up to 48 different mutations which are unique to each person’s tumor. The team has enrolled 88 patients who were treated for early stage non small cell lung cancer. They extracted DNA from tumor samples and sequenced DNA to find combinations of mutations. Iniesta created personalizes blood test for each patient’s tumor.

The team found that patients with tumor present between two weeks and four months after lung cancer treatment were much more likely to have lung cancer returning. By providing personalized monitoring and treatment, it helps to beat lung cancer and save more lives. The results from the Lung Cancer Circulating Tumour DNA study are funded by Cancer Research UK and are published in the Annals of Oncology.

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