How is Lung Cancer Diagnosed

Lung Cancer Diagnoses The diagnosis of lung cancer differs from one person to another. The medical team decides on the tests to be undertaken depending upon a number of factors such as the medical history, symptoms faced by a person and the physical exam results. Your medical practitioner will ask about your medical history to get better knowledge of the symptoms being faced. [...]

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All About Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer
In simple words, cancer can be described as an out of control development of irregular tissues. The development of these irregular tissues in one or both the respiration [...]

Study: Diabetic Medication May Help Control Lung Cancer

Diabetic Medication May Help Control Lung Cancer
According to the U.S. Scientists, the commonly used diabetes drugs such as metformin may help to control the deadly disease of lung cancer, and may also help avoid it. The [...]

Scientists Recognize ‘Critical’ Gene For Development And Propagation Of Lung Cancer

Stem Cell
Scientists from the Mayo Clinic have determined a single gene that appears to be a major power in the development and propagation of the most common way of lung cancer.  The [...]

In Lung Cancer When To Contact a Doctor

If you have been clinically identified as having lung cancer, be sure to follow your doctor's instructions about calling him when you have issues, new signs, or signs that get [...]

Marijuana Substance THC May Battle Lung Cancer

While smoking marijuana is never good for the respiratory system, the component in pot may aid in lung cancer, new analysis has revealed. Stanford School scientists have found [...]

Eat More Fruits-Vegetables And Lower Lung Cancer Risk

It appears that the cancer safety effect mostly arises from their flavonoid material -- effective anti-oxidants produced by plant metabolic rate -- and probably not from their [...]

Stage 4 Lung Cancer

Stage IV Lung Cancer
Stage 4 lung cancer spread is known as metastatic cancer. The place impacted is known as the metastases. To identify the spread of cancer to other areas of one's body system [...]

End Level Lung Cancer Signs – Challenging But Must Be Addressed

It is naturally hard cancer sufferers to think forward to the time of their lifestyles when they will be close to succumbing to their condition. Physicians consult the most [...]

Better Lung Cancer Testing Criteria Can Avoid Additional Deaths

Simple Algorithm to Predict the Chance of Getting Lung Cancer
Refining the choice criteria for lung cancer screening can enhance the level of sensitivity of screening without dropping uniqueness, according to a new research. Lung cancer [...]

With Lung Cancer, Quitters Do Better Than Smokers

With Lung Cancer, Quitters Do Better Than Smokers
Younger individuals with lung cancer who stop cigarette smoking more than a year before their analysis do more better than those who continued cigarette smoking, according to [...]

Lung Cancer Treatment in Ayurveda

Lung cancer is an illness caused by abnormal growth of lung cells. It records most number of cancer related deaths and all over the world the figure appears at 1.3 million. [...]

Doctors Dismiss Lung Cancer Symptoms As ‘Anxiety And Depression’ That Killed Lecturer At 37

An excellent speaker passed away of lung cancer out-dated 37 after physicians continuously ignored her sickness as 'purely psychological'. Lisa Smirl, 37, saw three different [...]

How to Reduce Side Effects of Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer

Until we know more about long-term survivorship issues following Chemotherapy treatment for grownups, there are a few factors you can do: Ask your oncologist about any [...]

Long Term Side Effects of Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer

The long-term side results of chemotherapy are not usually your first issue when you find out chemotherapy is suggested for your lung cancer and that is how it should be. In [...]