Metastatic Lung Cancer

Metastatic Lung CancerMetastatic lung cancer is the cancer that has spread from the original part of the body where it started to other parts of the body. The tumor that is first formed is called the “primary tumor,” while the tumor that spreads to other parts of the body is called “secondary tumor”. Metastatic lung cancer occurs when cancer tumors divides and break away from the original tumor spreading to other parts of the body through different means such as the blood stream, lymph system etc. It is very difficult for cancer to be detected when it has not yet metastasized, so it is common for cancer to metastasize before it can be detected or diagnosed.

Metastasized cancer is always named after the original location where the tumor started in the body; for instance if lung cancer spreads to the brain, it is called metastases lung cancer. Once a cancer enters the blood stream, it can travel to any part of the body. Most times, many of the cancer cells die as they travel, but some settles along the way while spreading and beginning to form new tumor there. The most common and nearest location for lung cancer to metastasize to is the second lung, the adrenal gland, bones, brain, and liver. Metastasized lung cancer is caused by cancer tumor migrating from the lungs to other parts of the body. Cancer cells go through several steps in the course of its spread to other parts of the body. The steps are:

  • Cancer cells have to be able to break away from original tumor before they can enter into the blood stream for movement to other parts of the body.
  • The cell needs to be attached to the wall of the blood or lymph vessels, so that it can be transported.
  • The cell needs to able to grow and survive in its new location.
  • The cell must be able to withstand attacks from the body immune system.

Conclusively, with the completion of these steps, a cancer is said to be fully metastasized, a metastatic cancer is treated according to the original location where the cancer begun, just like a metastatic lung cancer will be treated with a recommended treatment.

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