Lung Cancer Can Be Hidden For 20 Years Without Any Symptom

No Lung Cancer Signs & SymptomsAccording to new study, lung cancer shows no signs; even it cannot be diagnosed for up to 20 years. It can be hidden and grow internally with in you without showing any lung cancer symptoms and it would be dangerous, when such deadly disease develop internally without any signs.

According to another study published in someone science magazine, UK scientist discovered that lung cancer slowly-slowly grow internally without any signs and suddenly get out with aggressive form of the disease.

There are many people who quit smoking so long before the disease diagnosed; and thinking that they now have no dangerous of such kind of deadly disease. But the genetic mutations that can cause lung cancer have been developed and lay down without showing any sign.

Scientist studied 7 lung cancer; smokers, ex-smokers and never smoker’s; patients and found that the first genetic mutations that can causes of lung cancer had been triggered and lay down for many years without showing any signs until new, additional, faults trigger rapid growth of the disease.

This study has been conducted by Cancer Research UK and the Rosetrees Trust jointly and found that two-third of patients are diagnosed with advanced stages of lung cancer when it is more dangerous and treatments get less success.

This study also tells that smoking plays important role in the development of lung cancer because many of the early genetic mutations are caused by smoking. But this cause is not in majority as now faults caused by a new process generating mutations within the cancer controlled by a protein called APOBEC.

To test or detect Lung Cancer doctors use computerized tomography (CT) which will not able to detect a cancer until around one billion cancer cells growth, but this study shows that cells could already show a wide genetic variety.

Hope this study will help on early detection of lung cancer when its lay down after the first genetic mutations and patients get treated early stages.

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