Is E-Cigarette Vapors, Flavorings, Trigger Are Help In Leaving Smoking Habit?

E-CigaretteDebates are continuing that E-Cigarette or Electronic Cigarette help in quit smoking and in a new study of Rochester University found that E-Cigarettes are toxic replacement of tobacco products. In some other research shows that e-cigarette vapor produces tiny particles that users suck deep into their lungs, potentially causing or failing respiratory diseases.

Discharges from E-Cigarette aerosols and flavorings damage lung cells by creating harmful free radicals and inflammation in lung tissue, shown in one of UR study. This study points to the dangers of E-Cigarette.

In past few years E-Cigarette has become very popular. Around two million people in Germany have already changed to the “E-Cigarette vapors” to classic cigarette which many see as a healthy replacement to classic cigarettes, but E-Cigarette Flavorings or Triggers are not that much healthy as people think. E-Cigarette uses toxic and inhaling toxic particles and these tiny particles damage lung tissues.

This study shows that harm begins when the E-Cigarette’s heating element is activated. The heating element is designed to turn a liquid (juice) solution into a vaporizer that produce cigarette smoke. The inhaled vapors contain heavy metals and other possible chemicals in the form of nano particles (tiny particulate). This matter can reach further into lung tissue, cell systems, and blood stream.

E-Cigarette liquids can come with or without nicotine and also with flavors such as amaretto, vanilla, almond, or apple. Propylene glycol is the most common solvent which looks like smoke, when exhaling. Unlike classic cigarettes, which continuously produce smoke as the tobacco burns, the E-Cigarettes only lets out volatile substances when it is active.

Some other study also shows that some flavored E-juices create more toxicity on lung tissue, which will damage them. Researchers observed in the laboratory that human lung cells exposed to E-Cigarette vaporizer released various inflammation biomarkers.

This is not true that the cancer-causing substances produced by classic cigarettes are not present in e-cigarettes, all that substance present in classic cigarette are also present in E-Cigarette. The question is still alive that whether E-Cigarettes are best alternative of classic cigarette or not, but we do not think that the E-Cigarettes are safer alternative of classic cigarette.

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