Early CDT – New Test for Early Detection of Lung Cancer

The most effective way to get rid of lung cancer is its detection at an early stage. The earlier lung cancer diagnosis, the more are the chances for survival of patients. Finding lung cancer at an early stage helps to cure it completely. Most lung cancer deaths happen due to its detection at a later stage. Various studies have been conducted to help in its early detection. One of the new blood tests that provide early detection of lung cancer is called “Early CDT”.

Early CD test is a simple blood test for the early detection of lung cancer. It helps to detect all types of lung cancer at all stages of the diseases with accuracy. The test is used in combination with standard diagnostic imaging such as X-ray or CT scan to access the risk of lung cancer being present.

According to a recent study conducted, if the scan shows a questionable spot, blood test can confirm whether it is lung cancer in about 40% of the patients. Dr. Alex Brown from Sacred Heart Oncology said, “The problem is that we find this disease when it’s advanced. This test will help us detect it earlier, in a select group of patients. And of course if we can save lives, that’s what we’re here to do.”

As far as the results of Early CDT test are concerned, there are possible three results: low level, moderate level and high level. These results depend on the level of antibodies in the blood. The high or moderate level implies an increased risk of lung cancer while low level indicates a lower likelihood of lung cancer. Continuous monitoring on the part of patient’s history, overall health and other clinical findings are conducted to get a clear picture.

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