Different Causes of Lung Cancer

The causes of lung cancer are numerous, due to how numerous it is the danger of developing the disease has drastically increased over the years. The different causes of lung cancer are the things that should be avoided in order to reduce the risk of having the disease. There are some causes of lung cancer which cannot be prevented, when there is contact with these causes, they lead to lung cancer. There are also other causes of lung cancer which can easily be avoided, and it will lead to the reduction of the risk of getting the disease.

Below are different causes of lung cancer in which some can be avoided, while some cannot be avoided.

Lung Disease

Certain lung diseases which affects the normal functioning of the lung can lead to the development of lung cancer. Lung disease such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease exposes the lungs to cancer attack and increases the risk of developing lung cancer.

Air Pollution

Exposing the body to polluted air is very deleterious to the body. Pollutions from vehicle exhaust, industrial gases, and other harmful gases released to the air causes lung cancer. If environment is free of these gases, the risk of lung cancer will drastically reduce.

Re-Occurring Lung Cancer

A patient who has once been diagnose with lung cancer and was treated faces the risk of the disease re-occurring again the second time. Former lung cancer patients have high risk of developing lung cancer the second time after initial treatment was successful.


Smoking is one of the most recognized cause of lung cancer, every smoker is at great risk of getting ling cancer. The risk increases with the number of cigarette smoked, exposure to tobacco smoke, cigar, and pipe are all potential causes of lung cancer.

Abestors Fibre

 Exposure to abestors fibre can adversely affect lung tissues. The infection of the lining of the abdominal cavity is related to too much exposure to abestors. The use of abestors fibres are restricted in many countries due to its high risk of lung cancer.

Radon Gas

Radon gas is one of the leading cause of lung cancer, exposure to it is very dangerous. Radon gas is responsible for most lung cancer related deaths, it is an invisible and odorless gas which can be detected by test equipment.

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