Diagnoses of Lung Cancer Goes Down But Death Rate Remain High

Cancer-CellsIf lung cancer is diagnosed at a first stage, there is a possibility of a cure. Nowadays, the diagnoses of lung cancer are expected to turn down, but death rates are increasing day by day according to specialist. Experts declaring that generations-long anti-smoking campaigns are starting to take effect. Lung cancer mortality rate is expected to remain excessively high than other type of cancers. There is no routine test (normal test) for lung cancer so diagnoses of lung cancer going downward.

A lack of money is also responsible for the poor result of many patients. Lung cancer treatment is very expensive and diagnoses test for lung cancer are too much expensive so some patients cannot afford that much money and they dead due to lung cancer. Approximately 20 percent all cancer deaths are due to lung cancer because lung cancer diagnoses very expensive.

To cure lung, breast, melanoma and leukemia cancer require money for their treatment. The major risk factor for lung cancer is smoking, Tobacco smoke, Cigarette smoking etc. The main problem is Lung cancer does not get the focus that some other cancers get that’s why lung cancer deaths rate going high than other cancers. The smoking rate of adults has almost 50 percent since 1980 which stature is now 13.3 percent.

Mostly people die from cancer, heart attacks and pulmonary obstructive disorders. In simple words math tells us that the decrease in smoking is saving lives and make our life beautiful. Smoking is the common cause of lung cancer, and some other substances are also responsible like exposure to asbestos, radon, hydrocarbons and metal.

The number of lung cancer deaths has increased 56 per cent since 2000 according to 2013 report of Global Burden of Cancer. The bulk of sufferers are smokers, and they are responsible for bringing the decease for themselves. The smoking and lung cancer has also created a stigma, with most of the patients feel ashamed to share with anyone about their decease. This blemish has created depression in many cancer patients.

If your friends or family member feeling stigmatized is a serious problem because it can be result in depression and poorer quality of life. Lung cancer patients have highest rates of depression among cancer patients.

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