Lung Cancer Drugs

Drug Made From Crocuses Wiped Out Lung Cancer

Drug made from crocuses is the latest weapon to beat lung cancer and cured disease in one test or treatment. It is believed to cure almost all types of cancer, [...]

Study: Avastin Copycat ABP 215 Found Helpful In Lung Cancer

Lung Cancer!!! People scared from it. Always say it’s a deadly disease. But now many treatments and drugs are developed, Out of these so many drugs one is [...]

New Hope for Lung Cancer Patients with FDA Approval of Gefitinib

Iressa (Gefitinib)
In July 15, the U. S. Food and Drug (FDA) Administration approved IRESSA (gefitinib) for the first-line treatment of patients with metastatic non-small cell [...]

Lung Cancer Treatment: New Drug Shows Incredible Result

A new drug has given lung cancer patients an extra year of life, according to results from previous medicine. There are 200,000 people having diseased with [...]

Immune Drug Shows Lower Death Rate Among Advance Lung Cancer

New clinical trial find that immune drug ‘nivolumab’ improve immune system to fight against most common form of lung cancer. Nivolumab increases the [...]

Merck’s Drug Keytruda for Treatment of NSCLC

Lung cancer is one of the most serious types of cancer and it is a malignant lung tumor caused by out of control cell growth. It can start in the windpipe, the [...]

A Hope for Mesothelioma Patients with New Lung Cancer Drug Opdivo

There is good news for malignant pleural mesothelioma patients that lung cancer drug opdivo is a new hope for treatment. Opdivo drug help in targeting and [...]

Drugs That Stops Lung Cancer Cell Growth

Treatments such as chemotherapy and targeted therapy uses specialized drugs to stop the effect or kill lung cancer cells. There are also other drugs that can [...]