Brachytherapy for Lung Cancer Treatment

BrachytherapyLung cancer treatment start with the detailed staging scans as it is very necessary to know the stage and exact location of the cancer affected area. The treatment options depend on this analysis by doing PET or CT scan. Brachytherapy is one of the efficient methods in overcoming difficulties in breathing. It is used when the tumor is extending beyond and into the major airways. It can be used at both early and advanced stages of lung cancer. It helps to shrink the tumor when it is blocking an airway. Brachytherapy is a beneficial lung cancer treatment option.

The patients are referred for Brachytherapy having large tumor volumes requiring high doses of radiation for control. It is used at almost any time when the tumor is seen in an airway. The Brachytherapy treatment is given through the segment of the tube that lies against the cancer. It may be used alone or in combination with surgery.

Brachytherapy helps in many situations to the lung cancer patients. It works by controlling the location and intensity of the tumors and exposure to healthy lung tissue and nearby organs is reduced. It works to help in opening a blocked lung airway. This treatment option helps to stop bleeding caused by the cancer and open up blocked lobes. It is used in addition to regular external beam irradiation to increase radiation dose. In addition, it also helps to stop bleeding. Also, it aids in improving breathing.

In addition to Brachytherapy, there are also other treatment options available and performed by cancer specialists. The type of treatment to be followed varies from patient to patient.

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