Robot ‘da Vinci®’ Helps You In Lung Cancer Treatment

‘da Vinci®’ a robotic surgery for Lung Cancer Patients. da Vinci® surgery offer a both laparoscopy surgery and/or open surgery. It requires small cuts and gives greater vision, accuracy and good control for the surgeon over patient lung. In this surgery patients recover fast then other and if they want they get back quickly to their daily life.

Reduces pain, lower risk of infection or complications, less blood loss, shorter hospital stays, ess damaging, faster return to normal life are the main benefits of da Vinci® Surgery. This robotic surgery now used by NHS experts to treat their lung cancer patients.

Applications of ‘da Vinci®’:

There are three applications of ‘da Vinci®’, which are as follow:

  • Firefly™ Fluorescence Imaging: In this imaging system surgeon easily identify vessels and tissue which can’t not be seen by human eyes. This system also easily finds lymph nodes easily where first lung cancer tumor spread. This all happen with help of special 3D camera which is integrated in one of this robot hand.
  • Transoral Robotic Surgery (TORS): In this type of surgery no cut is require, as  robotic instruments are inserted in patients body through mouth and it is specially designed for head and neck cancer.
  • EndoWrist® Stapler: This surgery is used for colon cancer and for those part of body tumor where normally extremely hard to access or reach by normal surgery.

How ‘da Vinci®’ surgery performed:

In this type of surgery doctor operate a robot by a joystick and view images on monitor via special 3D camera. In this process machine locates and remove tumor from patients body without pressing on patients ribs.

This is a great advantage in lung cancer and good for patients, as he or she recovers fast from surgery and also less painful.

I hope majority of lung cancer patients interested in this kind of surgery and get their tumor out pain lessly, also recover fast. Also they get back to their life very fast. We require more and more this kind of inventions for such kind of deadly diseases.

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