New Method for Detecting Lung Cancer Earlier at the Cellular Level

lung | Lung CancerLung cancer remains the leading cause of deaths from cancer worldwide. One of the most common issues being faced by lung cancer patients is that it is often detected at an advanced stage. This deadly disease is treatable when diagnosed at early stages and the researchers all around the world are working on new ways to detect it as early as possible. One of the best ways to get rid of lung cancer is the early detection so that proper treatment can be followed. The treatment methods available for lung cancer depends on a number of factors such as type of lung cancer, stage of lung cancer, spread of cancer etc.

A new method for detecting lung cancer at the cellular level has been published in Nature Communications. This new study could lead to more effective treatments. The research used mice models, human tissue samples and cell cultures. The study showed the potential for high diagnostic accuracy by combination of cancer-targeted molecular imaging agent with real-time needle-based confocal laser endomicroscopy with the purpose of assessing malignancy in small lung nodules. This method could work to differentiate between healthy cells and cancerous cells at the single-cell level.

In this study, they found that it could detect cancerous cells even in tumors less than two centimeters wide. The researched said that this detection method could be beneficial for lung cancer as the lung cancer tissue often has non-cancerous components which can hide detection. Though it is a potentially effective cancer detection method, but researchers noted the limitations of their study as well.

This method is limited due to components of its nature. Further testing need to be done to determine how aspects of human body would impact the effectiveness of this method. This may improve the ability to treat early lung cancer.

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