How to Reduce Side Effects of Chemotherapy for Lung Cancer

Chemotherapy Until we know more about long-term survivorship issues following Chemotherapy treatment for grownups, there are a few factors you can do:

  • Ask your oncologist about any delayed results that you may anticipate from the particular radiation treatment medication you were given. Are there any testing assessments (for example, assessments for justify related illnesses, listening to issues, or osteoporosis) that she would recommend?
  • Keep a record of your radiation treatment routine with you in situation you see a doctor who is different with your record.
  • If you smoking, stop.
  • Make frequent sessions with your dental professional and eye doctor.
  • Engage in frequent exercising.
  • Limit your consumption of liquor.
  • Let your doctor know if you encounter any new signs or difficult of present signs you have.

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